The Autonomous Body National Centre for Geographic Information (CNIG) is an autonomous body established under Article 122 of Law 37/1988, of 28th december, on general State budgets for 1989 and is attached to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport through the Directorate-General of the National Geographic Institute.

It is currently regulated by Royal Decree 310/2021 of 4 May (BOE No. 121 of 21 May), approving the Statute of the Autonomous Body of the National Centre for Geographic Information.

Regional Services and the Peripheral Services of the Directorate General of the National Geographic Institute will provide support for the activities carried out by the Autonomous Body of the National Geographic Information Centre, in the territorial area that corresponds to them.


There is a Strategic Plan containing the strategic lines around which the CNIG's activity will be developed, which will be reviewed every three years, and which will be completed with annual plans that will develop the creation plan for the following year.

This plan includes 6 general objectives developed through 24 activities and evaluated by means of 41 indicators and has been guided by the functions entrusted to the CNIG in its Statute. Specifically, the objectives are:

  1. Distribution, promotion, dissemination and marketing of geographical products.
  2. Exploitation of the CNIG's geographic products.
  3. Management of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Spain and the SDI node of the IGN.
  4. Web publication of the IGN and CNIG portals and services.
  5. Development of its own projects or in collaboration with other organisations.
  6. Representation of the IGN and of the country in national and international forums.



To distribute, promote and market official geographic data, products, services and applications generated by the IGN and CNIG.

  • To market the geographic and value-added products and services developed by the CNIG.
  • To market the geographic products and services of other institutions.
  • Distribute geographic and other institutions' data, products, services and applications.
  • Distribute, maintain and exploit a database of aerial photographs.
  • To deal with and manage queries, complaints and suggestions related to the activities of the IGN and the CNIG.
  • Promote the use of official geographic information through web services.
  • Manage the dissemination of content and news through media and communication channels.
  • Promote and manage the dissemination of the historical and cartographic heritage of the IGN and its museums and facilities.
  • Promote and manage the National Centre for Geographic Information Publishing House.
  • Develop activities to disseminate cartographic knowledge and Geographic technologies.
  • To draw up and maintain the CNIG's charter of services.

To exploit the geographic data, products, services and applications of the Directorate General of the IGN and the CNIG.

  • Create and maintain products, services and thematic applications of interest.
  • Design and produce geographic data products.
  • Manage and evolve SIGNA of high capacities for individuals, companies and professionals.
  • Promote and encourage the National Printing Office.
  • Develop educational resources on geographic information.
  • Promote collaboration in geographic information standardisation initiatives and activities.

To manage, evolve and maintain the CNIG's technological infrastructure of physical and communications equipment.

  • Maintain computer and communications systems and interconnections with other systems.
  • Maintain, control and develop mobile applications that exploit IGN and CNIG data and services.
  • Maintain a commercial information system for the management of point-of-sale terminals, dealer management, orders, invoicing, warehouse management, etc.

Plan and manage the Spatial Data infrastructure of Spain, websites and applications of the IGN and CNIG.

  • Develop and update the IGN and CNIG web services.
  • To provide technical advice, manage, maintain and implement the geographic information web services of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Spain.
  • Manage and develop websites,,
  • To manage and coordinate CNIG training actions for the training of technical specialists.

Develop projects and services at the initiative of the CNIG, IGN or other institutions.

  • Managing agreements and contracts with public administrations.
  • Creating the geographic infrastructure they need. Capture and processing of geographic data, as well as the implementation of new services.
  • To carry out municipal boundary line stakeout operations. To issue technical decisions on the staking out of municipal boundary lines.
  • To design, promote, manage and participate in research, technological development and innovation projects of interest within the strategic framework of the IGN and its various dependent centres.
  • To provide specialised technical consultancy services in matters within the IGN's competence.
  • Exploiting technological and scientific developments and promoting research and innovation activities.
  • Promote, develop and collaborate in initiatives for the certification of geographic information resources.

Administer and manage its public resources.

  • Prepare, manage and maintain the Action Plan and the Triennial Strategic Programme.
  • Manage, maintain and control human resources, general services, economic, budgetary and inventory.
  • Represent the IGN and the Spanish State in national and international forums.
  • Specialised technical assistance in the field of geographical sciences and techniques.
  • Any other activities that are in furtherance of its purposes.